The Maker



Hiya, I'm Cara, the Arty Jeweller

I create unique, bold and colourful jewellery, with a splash of Fine Art flair. I love exploring patina, texture and colour from both the natural and urban environment.
🌿 I see beauty in decay and ageing of painted surfaces, buildings, pathways and natural ageing, such as lichen on trees, miss on fences. I explore and celebrate this through the production of entirely handmade and one-off-a kind of wearable art.
Developing limited edition collections of silver, copper and brass jewellery, fused with vitreous enamel. Often using my obsession with the seaside as a visual starting point, I use intial drawings and the process of working with metals to form a piece.  Forging bold painterly jewellery expressing individuality,  uniqueness and creativity. I hope by creating totally unique pieces of jewellery the wearer feels special, confident and empowered.

🚢 I grew up in Birkenhead, a shipbuilding coastal town, which has always had a strong influence on my work. I studied Fine Art in the North East of England, another industrial coastal city. I moved to Manchester, again close to more water (the Bridgewater Canal). Spending over 10 years working in the arts education and gallery sector. I took time out to raise my children and recover from a long serious illness. 

💎 I realised that I wouldn't be able to return to a full time job after my illness and also having two young children. So I pivoted and took the opportunity to retrain and go back to working with my hands and being creative. I directed my passion for sculpture and painting into creating jewellery. I took a year long course and learnt everything else from experimenting, reading books, watching YouTube videos and taking the odd class here and there.  

🖌️ Through sketchbook work and materials experimentation, I design and craft all of my jewellery,  taking inspiration from the places I have lived and landscapes I visited. Because I'm not a traditionally trained Jeweller, I feel unconstrained by the materials I choose to work with and the techniques I use. I like to mix modern and tradition craft making together,  to create my own unique style.

🌊Where possible I use recycled materials and packaging and hope to raise awareness of ocean and nature conservation through some of my more Unique Collections. 


💍 I love nothing more than creating custom pieces, working with a customer to create something personal and special for them. If his is something you would like to discuss please email me directly at: