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Sterling Silver & Enamel Seaweed Statement Drop Earrings

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Hand cut and shaped Sterling Silver Seaweed Earrings. Enamelled front and back in natural colours of white, rusts & greens. Simulating the effect of sun & chemical bleaching of sea life. The seaweed shapes hang from oxidised (blackened) silver ovals, finished with sterling silver findings.

Size: 5cm x 2.5cm 

Jewellery is gift wrapped and sent via tracked post. 1-3 days.



My jewellery is inspired by seaweed and other forms washed up on Britain’s coastline specifically, North West England, North & West Wales, Dorset & Cornwall.

Using designs I create from drawings and computer illustrations, I hand cut and form these shapes from copper; texturing the shapes with hammers, fire and traditional silversmith tools. I weather the forms, trying to capture the textures of both nature and the effects of weather, the sea and the decaying urban environment surrounding that nature.

Making jewellery that reflects the constant battle between nature and manmade. Creating beauty out of decay and natural ageing

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