Weathered pebbles and stones of the United Kingdoms Coastline.
 A pair of long statement earrings by Arty Jeweller. Silver ear wires hold a three iridescent green/ gold enamel seaweed shapes, connected with silver chain and rings
Arty Jeweller presents a pair of seaweed shaped Motifs on brass hoop ear wires. The statement brushed gold finish earrings sit on a blank white background. A modern graphic design interpretation of the natural seaweed form. #artyjeweller
Limited Edition Christmas Decorations
A large white Scallop shell, displays 3 round silver nugget shaped pendants, each hanging from a Sterling silver chain. Organic formed recycled silver nuggets created via water casting. #artyjeweller
Chunky lariat style hand knitted red cotton necklace by Arty Jeweller. Features rope necklace, embroidered with red & turquoise glass beads and hand forged black copper, interlocking wire seaweed shapes.  Necklace sits on a white background. #artyjeweller
Quay Chain Collection
A close up shot of a red headed model, side on wearing lilac purple enamel statement seaweed earrings handmade by Arty Jeweller. a coordinating silk muslin graphic print purple scarf is wrapped around her neck.
A collage image of four pairs of Statement Seaweed  earrings, made from textured copper and Sterling silver. Each earring is unique and layered with vitreous copper to mimic an algae or rusty metal finish. Made by Jeweller designer Arty Jeweller
Three colourful oval necklaces, hanging from Sterling Silver chains. Sit on a background of white beach pebbles. The Seastone Necklace, featured in Red, Yellow and Aqua Blueare one of a kind creations by UK makerArty Jeweller
Spectacle or Sun Glasses & Chains/Lanyards
Elf Cup Funghi Stud earrings and pendant necklace  by Arty Jeweller. Domed fine silver bowls filled with bright vitreous enamel, hang from silver chains/ Stud Earrings. in orange, red, deep pink, brown and purple. #artyjeweller